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Music Promotions

Bookings, production and marketing


Event Management

Conferences, Talks and Performance

Rewilding setup

Marketing and Communications

Your experts in raising awareness
and choosing the right channels!

Marketing and communications

Live Streaming

Panel talks, entertainment and web TV

AngelfishLIVE - Inspiring people through events, creative experiences and LIVE communications.


We design and deliver events and experiences in music, festival, corporate,  video, live streaming and online TV.

LIVE Production and Promotions

We design and create our own shows across music, ecology and fashion industries.

LIVE streaming / Online TV

We create, produce and direct great looking live streaming and TV shows.

Marketing and Communications

We’re experts in raising awareness and using the marketing channels to ensure you achieve your objectives.


AngelfishLIVE was set up by Daniel Dobbie in 2015 to offer a range of LIVE solutions in the world of music, brand, talks, online TV and outdoor events.

After leaving University Daniel spent eight years working as a Director of Sales and Marketing for some of Europe’s leading creative agencies. These include Ronnie Wood’s Music Management company, Linford Christie’s Sports Agency and Jack Morton, who managed the Olympics and other global gatherings.

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