Honey Soup Tour December 2016

PR from the Honey Soup Tour

Welcoming you to a beautiful, intimate and festive concert, celebrating setting sail on the journey of my new album!

After an amazing year of reflection, growth and inspiration it feels like time to take these new songs into the studio and begin the exciting process of producing them.

Carrie Tree will be joined on this tour by wonderful musicians and compadre’s Rowan Sterk on his magic carpet of percussion, Sophia Efthimou on silken harmonies, and Algy Behrens painting soundscapes with electric guitar.

UK singer/songwriter Carrie Tree has been travelling and performing with her music around the world for many years, playing across Europe, Africa, Australia and America, sharing songs of honesty, reflection and healing.

Carrie has toured/collaborated with a range of great musicians such as Damien Rice, Fink, Albert Mazibuko from Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Andy Barlow from Lamb, Martha Tilston, and even rock band Marillion!

Carrie touches a deep place in listeners with her thoughtful lyrics and soulful melodies, creating an intimate setting which opens hearts and brings people closer together. With a mesmerising voice and unique style, she accompanies herself with intricate guitar, diving deep into the heart of acoustic folk soul.

Folk Radio – ‘It’s worth giving this your proper, undivided attention … it’s not the devil you’ll find in the details, but a real slice of the divine.’

Carly Simon – ‘a phenomenal singer-songwriter’.

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