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CAMPOUT – A four-day Co-Creation between Inspire and Campfire Convention

July 22-26, Fernhill Farm, Somerset 

The last two years saw a societal shift in human behaviour like few can remember. As we emerge from lockdowns and uncertainties of the past two years, we are seeing some positive changes in our relationship and connection with people, the planet and ourselves.

Our need for human connection, nature and intimacy is now stronger than ever. People are stepping up to help each other, building real and sustainable communities whilst also recognising the value of nature – the need to find joy in the great outdoors and its effect on our wellbeing.

We’re excited to announce Campout, an intimate outdoor gathering happening between 22nd July-July 26 at one of Somerset’s best-loved family-run farms.

Campout’s spirit of collaboration matches Inspires’s more family-oriented space with Campfire Convention, the community and social network set up by Pete Lawrence, co-founder of the much-loved The Big Chill music and arts festival. Alongside the Campfire talks and discussions, one of the essential Campfire Convention elements will be The Little Chill, a downtempo chilled music space inspired by the formative Big Chill years.

Pete has been working on DIY community-led events over the past few years and will be curating and hosting The Horseshoe Barn area (indoor and outdoor) offering an open space for adults to have conversations, sing, dance and connect.

He says: ”It feels right to be evolving away from festivals to more intimate gatherings. More than ever, we need new models for living in a radically changing world. We have a unique opportunity to build a resilient community from the grassroots with the potential to transform humanity and evolve our world.  The model we started with Campout in 2019 is all about co-creating evolving spaces. This year, I’m looking forward to us working together to be the change we’d like to see and to come together to create our own magic.”

We are excited to announce that Elevate will be joining Campfire Convention for a four-day Campout event in the Somerset countryside in late July (22-26)

This year we have also partnered with Elevate, founded by Bristol-based activist and content creator Dan Astin-Gregory to deliver the Elevate Experience in the Campfire Horseshoe Barn space on Sunday.

Elevate is dedicated to creating thought-provoking content and inspired experiences designed to make sense of the world’s most pressing issues whilst exploring the inner and outer paths to transformation. Dan will deliver a morning keynote on Sunday and invite you to take part in a programme of participatory experiences and talks to inspire an exploration of human sovereignty and the development of empowered communities.

Why Dan believes this event is so important:

“The past few years have viscerally brought many of the systemic issues of our time to the surface. Now people are not only hungry for change but actively seeking ways to reclaim their sovereignty and explore how to create community-based, grassroots change. The Elevate Experience at Campout will offer the opportunity to inquire into the challenges of our time, whilst taking an embodied approach to personal and societal transformation.”

We invite you to four days and four nights of community gathering, around shared conversations, workshops, talks, arts and crafts, storytelling, fun, laughter and new best friendships.

The event offers a rare opportunity to put our phones away, immerse ourselves in nature and share our food, skills, music, stories and outdoor activities. This is a gathering where we bring our own creativity and unique gifts to co-create a safe community space.

Dan Dobbie, Founder of Angelfish Live, the production company managing the event  says

We believe that moving away from technology and immersing ourselves in learning, experience and face to face contact are the keys to a happier and more connected society. The Campout allows children and adults to find a healthy balance between technology and nature, music, art and play.  Big music festivals are great fun but sometimes we want to be with friends and family in a more held, safe, friendly co-created space.”

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The Campfire Convention sessions (including Elevate) will be in and around the Horseshoe Barn and will offer a more adult-oriented programme:

Ideas and Discussions

Every conversation can make a difference.  More than ever, we need new models for living in a radically changing world. We have a unique opportunity to build resilient community from the grass roots with potential to transform humanity and evolve our world.

Learning and sharing

What sort of world will we pass on to future generations? How can we redefine the parameters of passing on knowledge and wisdom to young people so that we become good ancestors. How do we develop consensus building and non-violent communication skills? How do we really and learn the art of good conversation? How do we learn to accept that we all have different views and how can we learn to be more curious about each other?

Open Space 

We have a full day without anything programmed. Together, as community, we shape the day. You create your own topics, sessions, performance, participation.

The Little Chill

If you are familiar with The Big Chill (Campfire Firestarter Pete Lawrence also founded the legendary, pioneering festival), you will know what to expect from The Little Chill space, a mixture of chilled DJs and live music over four evenings.  There will also be an opportunity for acoustic music sessions around the communal fire.

Communal Campfire Where the sparks fly and the real magic happens


The adjacent Inspire space around The Hayshed, hosted by Inspire, is more family-friendly, offering:

Arts and crafts – drawing, painting, bushcraft, wood carving, kids space, story-telling, talks, creative writing and the infamous Sunday talent show. Who’s in?

Wellbeing – interactive workshops, dance, yoga, meditation, tai chi, breath work, sharing circles, child free chill out space, single sex circles, foraging and woodland walks.

Music – Live, DJs, poetry, fireside singing circles and the opportunity for you to find your voice at the open mic night.

Photos of facilitators, workshop leaders and musicians.

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Fernhill Farm has two large indoor buildings, two communal kitchens, a large barn area for evening entertainment, indoor toilets, electricity and showers. The farm is perfectly situated only 35 – 45 minutes drive from Bristol, Bath, Frome and Glastonbury.

Check out the farm

Reactions from Campout 2019

“I had the time of my life – the best weekend ever”  Sam Aukland

“An extraordinary five days of love joy insight respect inspiration and connection.  Life changing!”  Gale Vincent

“A truly transformative week”  Geoff Greentree

“Such a beautiful week, full of love and kindness”   Jadzia Koprowska

“I left Campout feeling not only inspired but more hopeful than I’ve felt in years!”  Brett Hennig

“Friendships were forged through song, tears and talk that will enrich our lives for years to come and sustain our spirits for the tough time ahead.” Sarah Jewell

“One of the most enjoyable, educational, warm and enriching experiences of my life”  Andy Morgan



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Read more about it on Campfire’s Mighty Network

Elevate community

For more information or to interview one of our team about the importance of connection and learning please contact Daniel Dobbie on 07970105777 or email us through the website.




Daniel Dobbie

Event Director / Production Manager

Angelfish LIVE – inspiring people through events, video production and web TV

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