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The Inspire Camp Out is an intimate gathering happening on 22nd July for four days and nights at one of Somerset’s best loved family run farms.

Inspire is where everyone comes together to share, learn, create and connect.

This is a co-creation for around 250 people so we would love everyone to be involved and help us to make the magic happen.

What would you like to bring to Inspire Campout?

Some people might just want to sit round the fire with friends, eat lovely food and relax. Others might want to learn a new skill and offer a workshop or get more involved in holding a space for others.

Everything is welcome at Inspire.

Inspire starts on Friday 22nd July and ends on the evening of Tuesday 26th.

Bring your friends, your stories, your instruments, food to share and an open mind.

Who would you like to spend quality time with over the summer?

Please invite your friends by sharing the links below.

Ticket link – Dandelion Ticket Link

Main Webpage – webpage with all the info

Facebook – facebook event

Do you have any questions about the camp, workshops, food or logistics?  If so go to

We hope you can join us on 22nd July for sharing, learning, creativity and fun.

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