Pete Lawrence Teams Up With Inspire Campout 2022.

We are delighted to announce that Pete Lawrence, Co-Founder of the Big Chill will be running Campfire Convention at Inspire Campout this year.

In the evening time this workshop space will transform into the Little Chill, an interactive live jam, music and spoken word performance space for all to enjoy! We hope you can join us.

Pete Lawrence was responsible for creating the Big Chill, one of the UK’s best loved creative festivals that was regularly hosting four big stages and entertaining over 25,000 people over a long weekend. To me Big Chill represented a change in Festival Culture offering families and party people great food, theatre, arts and a little more comfort whilst dancing in a field!

Before returning from India in 2006 I phoned a old work colleague from my agency days who was in the production team. I asked if she needed any help in the office with bookings and logistics asI was eager to get some work in after my 12 months away. I was told there were no vacancies in the office but they might need some stage hands. To this i replied whats a stage hand ? I walked onto the Castle Stage three days before the festival went live and was blown away by the size of the space and the amount of touring trucks, big cameras and bespoke lighting rigs. This was the start of my Stage Management career and led me to go onto Greenman Music Festival a few years later, eventually running the main stage at Greenman with Charlie Doorman.

It is  great to be working with Pete again after all these years and helping  the Campfire Convention and Little Chill Collective really come to life once again.

Tickets for Inspire Campout 22  – Dandelion Ticket Link

Little Chill –

An article on Campfire and what is stands for –




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