Wellbeing –  Sauna , Breath work with Steph Magenta, 5 Rhythms with Francis Eliot, Morning Yoga with Cecilia Allon and Rebekah Abhaya, Tai Chi, Kids Acro Yoga with Charlotte Partridge, Pottery and loads more!

Poetry and Music –  Pete the Temp, DJ Dan King, Fraser Anderson, Sivani Mata, Selby, DJ Amarell, Rocktopus family show, World Music James Watts, Fire side jams with Cate Gray,

Nature Connection and Bushcraft with Kevin Button and Ben Gray.

Arts and crafts – Pottery, Charcoal drawing, Bushcraft, Macrame, painting, wood work, kids art space, outdoor games and more …

****Ticket link **** – https://dandelion.earth/events/6213defd72b916000c8dd062  

5RHYTHMS® Comes to Campout 22.

Dance and movement meditation comes to Campout with senior facilitator and DJ Francis Michael Eliot

Leading 5 RHYTHMS® facilitator Francis Eliot joins Campout 22.

Dance and movement meditation comes to Campout with senior facilitator and DJ Francis Michael Eliot.

5RHYTHMS® is an inspirational & grounded movement map that brilliantly guides the dancer through an experiential shift from thinking & feeling on behalf of a seemingly separate self, to living, breathing & relating from the true perspective of unity.

I currently work as a 5Rhythms teacher, non duality facilitator & active father to my two sons. Over the years I’ve been greatly influenced by various extraordinary teachers whom I’ve been lucky enough to study with & I feel particularly indebted to Thich Nhat Hanh, Didier Danthois, Adyashanti & most importantly Rupert Spira & Gabrielle Roth; the latter of whom took me under her Raven wing back in 2000 & guided me to turn my life inside out, by teaching me the art of experiencing life as a dance.


Drumming is a universal language which everyone can be a part of, it’s free from words and concepts so we can all experience life in the moment and with an open heart.

Drum It Up are excited to be bringing their unique drum circles, to connect, share our groove and to make beautiful music together through rhythm based expression, at  Inspire Campout 2022.

All sessions will be facilitated by Tanya Sherriff – an experienced, skilled and charismatic woman with a passion for creative arts, music and rhythm.

Morning Yoga with Cecilia –  Cecilia is a fully qualified, experienced and insured Yoga Instructor. Cecilia completed an 18 month yoga teaching diploma training with Yoga Campus in April 2013 and has completed over 500 hours of training in total.   www.yogawithcecilia.co.uk

– Morning yoga with Rebekah Abhaya – Bringing knowledge and experience Rebekah works intuitively to guide you on your journey, passionately combining traditional Hatha Yoga with intuitive somatic exploration and embodiment, whilst weaving gems of Vedic philosophy throughout. Rebekah teaches in a way which feels held, yet spacious and invitational. The invitation is to come and be, exactly as you are, as we open to the illumination of our innate wisdom through the practise of Yoga.

SPOKEN WORD – The Bristol Spoken word legend Pete The Temp will be throwing out some loop station magic, song and his Homer to Hip Hop talk on the History of spoken word. https://www.petethetemp.co.uk

Pete is an author, comic, and spoken word poet whose work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, The World Service, and Newsnight. His mission is to bring carnival, wonderment and riotous love; to enchant, beguile and incite. Pete is a former National Poetry Slam Champion and has taught and performed in 15 countries. While living in Europe he worked as a street entertainer; bringing laughter, dance and interactive silliness to large audiences across the continent.

FAMLY FUN! – Rocktopus is a fun wild, interactive live rock music experience for all the family to enjoy. Check them out here – https://www.rocktopusmusic.com/

Steph Magenta teaches us the Art of Breath.

We are so pleased to announce that Steph Magenta is joining us at Campout 22.

Steph Magenta is Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher, licensed bodywork therapist and shamanic practitioner. She has a background in research and development in relation to addiction and substance misuse with over two decades of work in sexual freedom activism. Steph is the co-founder of Integrative Breath school of Breathwork Training which she established with her dear friend Dr Rae Reidel, a U.S based Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Medicine.

Creating the Magic

Working within a strong shamanic container, Steph will guide you through embodiment practices and functional breath awareness, into the potential to open to more of ourselves and our lives using a powerful connected breathwork practice. By using the breath to switch off our Default Mode Networks which are often subconsciously driving us, creating repeating loops in our experience of life, we have the chance to expand into more of our human potential. Steph’s breathwork sessions have been described as similar to plant medicine ceremonies in their energy and holding!


Talent Show/ OPEN MIC  – Sophie Munger takes children and adults on a theatrical song and dance as we rehearse on the weekend and perform on Sunday night. Exciting!

ARTS AND CRAFTS  – Every day we will have five workshop areas set up for those wanting to draw, carve wood, do pottery and make cool things.

DJ AmarAll

Anglo-Brazilian DJ showcasing ⑃froLatin Mood under the influence of Psychedelia

Casa El Pastor Resident Dj and part of the Electro Tropical Movement in the UK unearthing the very essence of Tropicality.

DJ & Director of Samba de Raiz UK Collective

DJ • radio host @aajaradio

Co-founder of BAILA @baila_portunol, a collective of Djs from UK and abroad representing the new facets of South American Culture highlighting an unique🌴🌴 London Tropical Mood 🌴🌴


DJ Dan King – Dan King has Spun dance floor classics 25 years taking him to the US, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia. Dan is part of  the Ibiza Knights Collective and he currently hosts  a radio station every Friday night on RadioBath.com Keep an ear out for funk, disco, jungle, drum n bass, breaks, hip hop, reggae and dancehall classics.

– James Watts will be performing world music. After a classical music training james has travelled through various world musical terrains to arrive home into British folk traditions. He has been leading choirs for over 15 years that explore the diversity of his musical passion.

TALKS and EXPERIENCE – Doctor Rosalind Watts  –  The UK’s leading Psychedelic Therapist who featured on the recent BBC documentary as lead researcher on psychedelic therapy joins us for nature walks and  meditations.  https://www.drrosalindwatts.com

BUSHCRAFT and NATURE CONNECTION – Kevin Button and Ben Gray – The Somerset bushcraft masters join us for nature walks and a range of kid and adult workshops.

Mindful Macramé – Let’s get knotty with Gemma! Macramé is the perfect mindfulness exercise. It’s ability to suck you in, hold your focus and get lost in tying each knot is strong. Warning, this can be addictive!

Gemma has been teaching macramé for years and is an avid arts and crafter. She is passionate about the environment and likes to use recycled cotton for her macramé pieces. Gemma is offering workshops all weekend so will be askign for donations between £10 – £15  however you do get to walk away with some amazing things ! Ages 14+ only.

Nereida Olives – Nereida will be providing a range of creative adult and kid friendly arts and crafts workshops over the weekend.

Birth and Parenting – Gauri, founder of the yoni tree, is an experienced space holder for women’s work. Gauri has worked as a therapist for over 7 years, supporting others through tantric practise/ ritual and bodywork and using clearing tools of family constellations and shamanic healing. In recent years Gauri has shifted her focus to supporting women wanting to birth outside the medical paradigm and is committed to supporting women to heal birth and sexual trauma.
Gauri will be offering 2 workshops at the camp:

1.Let’s talk about Birth, trauma and Sexuality.

2. Women’s connection and sharing circle.

THE LUNGI BABAS SUNDAY LUNCH – Lungi Babas – cooking an amazing three course meal for all to enjoy on Sunday night.

If you have purchased a ticket then you are eligible for the three course meal. Those who have been given a free ticket or who’s children have been given a free ticket will need to buy a meal from Mahesh or offer some services in exchange for a meal.



Life is too short for regret and doubt.

Do what you love, learn new skills, enjoy taking a risk and join us for Inspire Campout 22.

Ticket ink and more info – https://dandelion.earth/events/6213defd72b916000c8dd062